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Discussion Question #5


Person 1 – Business Administration Major

a. biotechnology – technology that advance stuff in the medical field.

b. Lord No

C. I don’t believe in cloning because I think it will cause more unintended problems than problems it will solve.

d. Business Administration

Person #2.

A. Biotechnology is the study of technology of living beings being able use technology to have better lives

B. Only when it comes to issues regarding health – not food.

C.  I feel that the better technology we have, the better chance we have to cure sickness and disease.

D.  Fashion Marketing and Design


Interview #2

Briefly explain what biotechnology means.

– Using living organisms to benefit human live

Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?

– Yes but that does not mean that everything has to be modified

Provide at least one reason for your stance on this issue.

– Using plants for medications to help people recover from illnesses.

What is your academic major?

– Nursing

Discussion Question #5 Interviews

Briefly explain what biotechnology means.

– Using animals and the natural environment to make products for humans to use to make their lives easier.

Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?


Provide at least one reason for your stance on this issue.

-I support this is because I believe as long as there is no endangerment to the animals, environment , and humans, we should find as many ways possible to become technologically advanced.

What is your academic major?


Design Document

Design Document is on Prezi.

Design Document 


Individual Problem Analysis

I believe the best way to solve the problem with the campus dining is threefold: 1). Remove Aramark as a food vendor.  The most successful entities that I have found in my preliminary research thus far all involved non-CampusDish schools.  2). Create a student-run advocacy group that is run by the SAC (Student Activities Council).  All of the research that I have made that was successful have had some type of oversight group, whether it was called the Food Committee, Housing and Dining Committee, the Campus Dining Review Committee, et. al. This group should be comprised of a diverse group of the University population, such as faculty, special-diet students, and student-athletes.  3). Import student input into recipes and dining that can be voted on by the student body or the oversight committee.  Auburn University was very successful with this module.  Having student input on the recipes themselves will allow a constant reflection of the needs of the student population as it changes yearly due to graduation, campus housing, etc.

Links to all Campus Dining Research

Western Carolina University:

Dixie State:

University of Pittsburg:

Stony Brook University:

Vassar College:

Oberlin College:

University of Chicago:

MIT (Campus Dining Petition):

Auburn University:

Individual Solution Analysis

I believe that this problem can be solved if a firm effort for change is shown and if everybody pitches in to the solution. We, as students for the change, have to be persistent and not let up just because someone says something will be done about it. I know I have spoken to management on numerous occasions about the food and they always say something will be done but nothing ever is. Once we make a complaint, we need to continue to check on what we have complained about to make sure something is being arranged to fix the problem. The actual quantity of the food is not the problem. The quality of the food and the dining environment are what we are focused on and concerned about. Aramark is the food distributor for Old Dominion University and I personally think their food is not bad when cooked and served the right way. Our group wants to find an effective way to address this problem and get something done about it. We also want everyone’s voice to be heard because we believe they can’t ignore the entire Old Dominion community. Our group wants to issue out a survey to take about dining services and give their opinions. We will submit these surveys to the “masterminds” behind dining services and this will hopefully be a start if they are, in fact, read and taken seriously. If something is not done, we will have to take further action and maybe talk to higher superiors but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Solution Analysis

To find a solution to this problem, I believe that everyone has to work together. The issue of the quality of the food served at cafe 1201 affects everybody. Since, cafe 1201 is open for the weekend and work longer hours during the week days than  any other dinning service found on campus, that is where most people tend to get their daily meals from. Most students would complain that the food does not have good quality but they do not always state that to the right authority that has the power to change it. ARAMARK is the source provider for the majority of the foods that are served on campus. With their “ARAMARK CampusDish Program” the chefs and the rest of the dinning service employees have to follow ARAMARK’s rules and regulation. This can include from following their detailed recipes to how much foods they can serve in a given time. Surveys and other forms of ideas that will be able to collect a majority amount of the students opinions will be the start to this long journey of solving the food quality served in cafe 1201 at Old Dominion University. We, as students of Old Dominion University have to all come together to solve this problem. It has to be a community effort.

Group Problem Focus

To all:

The Trois group problem focus is in improving the quality of food served on campus through facilities such as Cafe 1201.  As we begin to do some digging, we are finding out that the problem mainly lies in finding out who controls which recipes that are used to cook the food that is served daily, and why is there a lack of student input in the changing or the choosing of such recipes.  We will attempt to explore the barriers in the feedback procedures that are currently in place and create alternative solutions for an enriching dining experience for the University community as a whole.

Social Media at NASA

I find this social media to be very interesting because it bring the social media policy to another level. NASA is on the process of launching their own social media network for their employees. Our group proposed a social media policy for this internal social media network. This policy is for an employee-to-employee social networking relationship compared to an employee sharing information to the public.

To Read More about NASA Social Media—–

Social Media Policy Interview 2

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